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Everything matters

Are you reading this? Good. This means you are still alive. You are continuing to make progress in life. You have another day to make a positive impact to your pursuit of happiness. I'm thankful that you are still here. Today shit happened.  Sometimes when shit happens, it can make you feel like a failure. [...]

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Moment of Clarity

Another Lesson Learned... There has been an internal battle to change my life.  I am ready to embrace a new definition of me – who I am, what makes me happy, how I choose to live. This reminder helped me to see that I am blocking my progress by trying to force fit who I [...]

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Seek Joi

Had to come to the beach and behold the ocean's majesty. We're so little in the scheme of things, yet irreplaceably necessary to it all. Have a beautiful day. ❤ A photo posted by Rebekkah Holylove is her name (@tennesseeslimkitty) on Jan 20, 2016 at 12:58pm PST

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Workplace Lesson Learned: Don’t take it personal.

Sometimes your ego gets the best of you, especially in the workplace.  When people can’t see your gifts, sometimes we take it personally.  We have to learn how to check your ego and emotions at the door.  You also need to recognize when we have stayed too long in a stressful situation.  Most likely the [...]

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