A Place to B. Happier

I can’t lie.  I am so tired of hitting the same fucking brick wall.  I feel like I’m lost on a highway and keep slamming into the same freaking wall. What signs did I miss on this highway called Life? Ok.  I’m done with my bitch fest.  And I feel better now.  It’s time to [...]

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Lessons from Lady O

Lessons from Lady O The past few days, I have been living and breathing Oprah Winfrey.  I’ve always admired who she is and what she has done.  I haven’t always watched the show regularly and at times, I have disagreed with her on a few things.  But regardless, she has made me believe in goodness [...]

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The past weekend has been filled with wine, fun, good food and lots of love.  Then life throws you one of those unexpected surprises. The freakin’ AC unit stopped working last night!  Did it not understand that this is the Week of Me? After a long day of costly AC repairs (ouch!), a dental appointment [...]

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Day 1 Last night during my weekly session with my professional coach, she made a statement that gave me today’s A-HA moment. “You are not very nice to yourself.  You seem to love and encourage everyone else, except the most important person…yourself.” I didn’t have a rebuttal.  The only thing I could say was “I [...]

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Little Messages in Life

I keep trying to make sense of all of this.  Ten years ago, I just KNEW I would have figured out the purpose of my life and how to succeed at having a great meaningful life.   Lately things have felt very hard, painful and out of control.  I keep asking myself the same questions I [...]

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Spring Time Renewal

I love spring. Spring is all about renewal for me. When the warm weather returns and the trees and flowers begin to bloom, I feel motivated to re-examine my life’s purpose. How can I be better? How can I be happier?

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